Michael Moore and Julian Assange

Two huge douchebags…to say the least.  Michael Moore because he is Michael Moore basically. He thinks people should be interested in all of his conspiracy theories and unfortunately some of you are.  He makes a documentary and there are just enough people that believe it to keep him doing it. Now he’s found another way to get attention and another reason to talk of conspiracy in the whole wikileaks thing.  And this one’s more than believable, wikileaks drops a ton of documents and days later Assange is accused of sexual assault…just a bit too much coincidence.  So yeah that one may be right, or who knows..maybe the guy is guilty…but personally I think the guy should be behind bars anyway.  I agree with full-disclosure from the government on most things, and I believe that the government keeps some secrets it shouldn’t. The problem with Assange is that he didn’t take the time to filter what he dumped, he just put everything out there.  Some things, such as what the U.S. views as critical sights, should not be made public. It’s inviting an attack and to publish it is very irresponsible.  Here’s to hoping they deny his bail and keep Moore’s money just for spite.


About theysostupid

Just a guy who wants the stupid things people do to come back and bite them in the butt.
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