The Westboro Baptist Church

Proof positive that stupidity is in fact contagious.  One man’s homophobia and lust for attention has led his church (read family) to intrude on the grief of the family’s of fallen American service members. If he wants to burn an American flag, I hate it and would love to extinguish those flames by stuffing the flag into one of his orifices, but it’s his protected right and he can do that. But who’s protecting that right? The Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors that he’s calling various names. A little frontier justice would be just absolutely beautiful right now…let them protest at a church in the south somewhere and send all of the police officers that should be guarding them to get a cat out of a tree or something. Problem solved. There has been a lot of discussion about protecting these people, but not nearly enough about protecting the loved ones of our fallen heroes. If it takes an act of legislation in all 50 states then so be it. Keep those idiots tied up in court with appeals until the head idiot dies and maybe that would solve the problem too.


About theysostupid

Just a guy who wants the stupid things people do to come back and bite them in the butt.
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